In 1963, MIRDC (Metal Industries Research and DevelopmentCentre) was established by United Nations Special Foundationand the International Labor Organization. Being a non-profit R&Dorganization, MIRDC is mainly engaged in the R&D and promotionof the production and management technologies required for themetal and its related industries.MIRDC is headquartered in Kaohsiung city with 11 bases in 6counties and cities all over Taiwan currently. MIRDC has over 900employees, possesses of more than 1,000 valid patents, holds about30,000 professional publications related to metals, assists 1,300companies annually and cultivates 17,000 talents for the industriesper year. In addition, MIRDC is proactively dedicated to collaboratingwith a wide range of industry for technical upgrading and willcontinue to firmly cooperate with the research institutes, universitiesand corporations globally for cross-discipline cooperation.

Main products and services

• Research Fields
1. Metal Materials and Fabricated Metal Products:
О High value-added metal materials
О Additive manufacturing /High precision processing
О Material /Production process trial
2. Mold and Micro Manufacturing:
О Precision mold and components
О Micro manufacturing technology
О Micro intelligent equipment development
3. High Value Equipment:
О Smart machinery equipment
О Biotechnological & medical equipment
О Circular economy equipment
4. Automotive industry:
О Lightweight materials manufacturing technology
О Chassis design and certification
О Intelligent technology
5. Medical Devices and Care:
О Dental and orthopedic implants
О High value metal medical devices
О Minimally invasive surgery system
О Innovative medical care service mode
6. Green Energy Industry:
О Renewable energy
О Technology of industrial energy saving
О Green energy Integration services
• Global Partnerships
MIRDC’s development strategy aims to reach out to other international R&D institutes to form mutually beneficial
partnerships. Most recently we have formed a joint lab with Tohoku University of Japan in order to develop high value
metal materials and additive manufacturing technology. Being a strategic cooperative partner with Microsoft, we are
jointly engaged in the digital transformation artificial intelligence (AI) solution to assist the intelligent upgrading for the
fabricated metal product industry and expand the demonstration achievements to the other metal related industries.

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    Lin Ren-Yi

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    1001 Kaonan Highway, Kaohsiung 811, Taiwan, Kaohsiung 811, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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    Semiconductor Equipment-Consulting and Services ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Automation and System ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Smart Manufacture Planing ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Consulting and Services ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Macro Inspection ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Plasma Cleaning ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Lamination ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Lamination ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Slit Coater ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Consulting and Services ‧ LED/Micro LED-PECVD ‧ LED/Micro LED-Inspector ‧ LED/Micro LED-Consulting and Services ‧ PV Equipment-PECVD ‧ PV Equipment-PVD/LPCVD ‧ PV Equipment-Defect Inspection ‧ PV Equipment-AOI ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Au,AgPd,Cu,Pt, etc. ‧ Automation/Robot-Automation Consulting and Services ‧ Automation/Robot-Robot ‧ Automation/Robot-Industrial control system ‧ Automation/Robot-Loader/Unloader ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Automation Consulting and Services ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-AI System/Solution ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Networking and Cloud management system ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Smart medical system ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Optical identification system ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Valve ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Pump ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Consulting and Services