The association was established in December 2005 entitled as Taiwan Optoelectronic and Semiconductors Equipment Association (TOSEA) and since June 2010 TOSEA has been renamed to Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA). As a non-profit organization, TEEIA aims to promote the technology and business development of electronic industries in Taiwan including Optoelectronics, Semiconductors, Display, Touch Panel, OLED, Solar Cell, Medical Electronics, Measurement and Automatic Optical Inspection Equipment, Electronic Components and Parts, Air and Water Purifying Equipment, Sewage Treatment Equipment, Environmental Protection related Equipment, Climate Environmental Testing and Reliability Equipment, Electronic Assembly and SMT Equipment, E-communication, Electronic Special Tool and Mold. Also, we facilitate industry-academic cooperation and organize trade shows, training courses, professional conferences for manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and agents.

  • Mission 1

    To build an information exchange platform and bring together the development of industry technology for enterprises, government and academic institutions in electronics, optoelectronic, semiconductor, display, touch panel, LED, solar and related industry. TEEIA though this platform to understand the production development of member and to assist them work effectively. We pursue government policies and reflect industry demand and recommendations as an important basis for government and research and development department to develop industrial strategies.

  • Mission 2

    To stimulate interaction between TEEIA member and to provide industrial information for members to enhance the competitiveness of industry; to organize technical management activities, scientific research assessment, quality audit and formulate industrial standards for improving industrial technology management, creating a exchanging platform for electronics companies and making Taiwan high-tech manufacturers more competitive and autonomous.

  • Mission 3

    To boost member services and exchanging activities for industry unity and prosperity; conducting research on industry technology, the market's dynamic development and future trend of products and technology; collect and release market demand information for members and support them to participate in national project and key technique.

  • Mission 4

    To promote Taiwan's electronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, displays, touch panels and other high-tech green energy technology research and development of the related equipment industries, commerce, industry-university cooperation, and conducting of exhibition-related business, training, seminars, conferences.

  • Mission 5

    To facilitate international exchanges in Electronic equipment industry and assist manufacturers to expand globally, Handling Business Networking Conference matchmaking sessions and exchanges with other countries allied associations to promote international cooperation and to enhance the image of Taiwan's industrial equipment industry.