Sil-More is the professional distributor of overseas and domestic well-known adhesive/glue suppliers, was established in 1995. There are more 180 employees in Taiwan and worldwide to provide professional electronics material solution of Electronics, Opto, Auto industries, Display and Semiconductor…etc..
Sil-More is specialized for the Silicone materials of the international well-known brand - The Dow Chemical Company in Taiwan, Thailand & the Great China. In order to service customers and raise profitability, Sil-More proactively seeks to expand its Total-Solutions business line and provide various material applications and technical supports to all customers.

Main products and services

Dow Corning of electronic-grade and optical-grade Silicone/ Adhesive & Sealant / Insulation glue / Encapsulant potting/ UV light-curing resin / Epoxy / PU(Polyurethane) adhesive / Instant glue / Anaerobic adhesive / Thermal plastic glue / Conductive adhesive / Non-silicons thermal paste / Adhesive material solvent / Optoelectronics industry adhesive material / Thermal paste and thermal adhesive/ Plastic material solvent /Electronic-grade PUR hot-melt adhesive material / Semiconductor encapsulation materials/ Dispensing equipment / Stripping equipment / Centrifuges

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    Tim Yang

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    16F, No. 100, Xingde Rd., Sanchong Dist., New Taipei City 241, Taiwan

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    Laputa Chou / Sales Manager

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    Semiconductor Equipment-UV Curing Equipment ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-LCD Panel/ Touch Panel ‧ LED/Micro LED-Dispenser/Sealer/Molding ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Cleaner ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-OCA ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Sealer Material ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Conductive Adhesive ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Curing glue ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Fluorescent powder ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Liquid Silicone ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Assemble Material