Ever-Island Corporation

Ever-Island is a leading solution provider to Thin Film & thick Film maker in Taiwan.
Products include: Al/Au/Cu/Alloy wires, Silver/Metal Filler Conductive & Non-Conductive Pastes, Die Attach film, Precision Tools for Die Pick-Up, Wedge, Cleanroom Products, NanoClear, Water Proof coating, Mold release Agent, Tweezers, Cleaning Compound, cleaning wipe, Spindle Repair Service, MES Software, Spin coater, environment test systems...etc.

Main products and services

鋁/ 金/ 銅/ 合金 IC 打線之線材,高壓奈米導電及非導電銀膠,晶圓級封裝材料、3D 封裝之材料及覆晶封裝材料,鋼嘴,無塵室耗材,鋼板奈米塗佈,奈米級疏水、疏油表面處理,離膜劑,鑷子,清膜餅,光罩室塗怖機,MES 軟體及環境測試機等等……

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    Ever-Island Corporation

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    Alex Hsieh

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    12F.-3, NO.21, Lane 169, Kangning St., Shi-Chih Dist., New Taipei City 221, Taiwan

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    Ms.Alice Wang / Ms. Kristy Lai

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    Display/Opto Equipment-Aging Machine ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Temperature and humidity test equipment ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Curing glue ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Liquid Silicone ‧ Automation/Robot-Automation Consulting and Services ‧ Automation/Robot-Robot ‧ Automation/Robot-Sensor ‧ Automation/Robot-Controller ‧ Automation/Robot-Servo motor ‧ Automation/Robot-Reducer ‧ Automation/Robot-Ball screw ‧ Automation/Robot-Linear slide ‧ Automation/Robot-Machine Vision ‧ Automation/Robot-Motion ‧ Automation/Robot-Pneumatic Components ‧ Automation/Robot-Industrial control system ‧ Automation/Robot-Transmission ‧ Automation/Robot-HMI ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Precious Metals and Recycling System ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Ball Screw ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Linear Guide