Chenfull International Corp. was founded since 1982 and merged Chenfeng Machinery & Enterprise Corporation which is the largest shoe machine supplier in Asia and one of the few specialized manufacturer for Aerospace machined parts & components in Taiwan in 2006. Chenfull kept expanding business scopes from FPD & semiconductor factory engineering to FPD & semiconductor equipment parts & components. In 2008, Chenfull established Water Resources Div for Pen-Hu Seawater Desalination Plant build and operation. Chenfull has well-trained manpower, state-of-the-art equipments and sound managing systems which make Chenfull can cooperate with world famous equipment makers and establish good relationship with

Main products and services

◆ Machinery Div. :
1. Shoe Making Machine
2. Traditional Industrial Machine
3. Mechanical Equipment OEM &ODM business
◆ Engineering Div. :
1. Hookup Projects
2. Facility piping Projects
3. FM approved exhaust systems
4. Multi hi-tech facility projects
5. System integration
6. Clean room engineering
◆ Precision Tech Div. :
1. Machining & Weldment technology for sizable stainless steel & aluminum chambers
2. Electrode
3. Cooling Plate
4. Precision Machining Parts
5. Aircraft Structure Parts
6. Aircraft Engine Structure Parts
7. Aircraft Engine Case
◆ Water Resources Div. :
1. Ultra-pure Water System
2. Waste Water Recycling System
3. Purification, Drinking Water
4. Sea-water Desalination

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    Ms. Alice Chang

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    No.28 , Houke S. Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City, 42152, Taiwan (CTSP)

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    Semiconductor Equipment-Clean Room Facilities ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Clean Room Facilities ‧ LED/Micro LED-Clean Room Facilities ‧ PV Equipment-Clean Room Facilities ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Production assembly and processing services ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Factory Facilities System ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Clean Room Facility ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Energy Saving/Pollution Control ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Gas supply and exhaust gas treatment system ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Equipment Networking ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Pure water system engineering ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Precious Metals and Recycling System ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Industrial equipment processing and assembly servi