HIWIN Technologies Corp. is the leading brand of motion control and system technology manufacturer. Products range from ball screw, guideway, bearing, DATORKER Robot Reducer to industrial/medical robot, rotary table, with characteristics of high speed, high precision, multifunction, and eco-friendly. HIWIN products are well established in the automation, semi-conductor, electronics, medical and precision machining industries. HIWIN commits to intelligent automation and has the most complete type of robot, including wafer, 6-axis, Delta, SCARA and medical robots, to reduce human labor, replace hazardous jobs, create a great work environment, and improve human’s life. In Dec. 2017,HIWIN is ranked No. 1 of “ASIA 300 market price increasing rate ranking” and market value is doubled by Nikkei Business News, which is number one from mechanical component industry.

Main products and services

Articulated Robot: HIWIN articulated robot features high accuracy (repeatability ±0.02mm), high degree-of-freedom,high agility and large working range. It can be applied to an automatic production line to replace manual labor for repetitive work such as parts transfer, precise assembly or complicated machining. Applications include: pick-and-place, palletizing, deburring, grinding and assembly, etc. Delta Robot: HIWIN delta robot performs high speed and stable motion with a shortest cycle time (0.3 sec) by utilizing a parallelogram mechanism. It can be applied to an automatic production line with a conveyor to replace manual labor for repetitive work such as pick-andplace, assembly, alignment and packaging. HIWIN provides a series of delta robot for different payloads and working ranges.

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    Chuo, Wen-Hen

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    No.7 Jingke Road, Taichung Precision Machinery Park,Nantun Dist., Taichung 40852, Taiwan., Taichung 40852, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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