Marketech International Corp. is a professional technology service provider. MIC involves in representative business of advanced process equipment and raw materials for hi-tech industry, total solution of facility integration and customized equipment manufacturing. MIC fully supports development of semiconductor, opto-electronics, solar cell and laser application industries.
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Main products and services

1.Tool's refurbish / upgrade
2.AMHS for FPD Substrate
3.OEM Tool / Module manufacturing
4.Representative for Equipment and consumable material.

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    Ms. Margaret Kao

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    6F., No.3-2, Yuancyu St., Nangang District, Taipei City 11503, Taiwan, Taipei 11503, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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    Richard Tsai

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    Semiconductor Equipment-Plasma Cleaning ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-PR Coater ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Baker ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Developer ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Dry Etching ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Wet Etching ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-CMP ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-CMP Cleaning ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-RTP ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Equipment Automation Software ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Equipment Automation Hardware ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Automatic Transfer System ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Loader/Unloader ‧ Semiconductor Equipment-Probing Equipment ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Analog / linear testing equipment ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Digital / logic testing equipment ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Memory IC testing equipment ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-System IC testing equipment ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-High-frequency IC testing equipment ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Automation and System ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Probe Card ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-Load Board ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-IC Test Socket ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Macro Inspection ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-PS Inspecter ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-CD loss Measure Machine ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Total Pitch ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Ball Spacer/Spacer Counter/Photo Spacer ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Cassette Station/Stocker ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Loader/Unloader ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-BC/EAP/MES ‧ LED/Micro LED-Automation and System ‧ LED/Micro LED-Defect Inspector ‧ LED/Micro LED-Laser Lift Off Equipment ‧ PV Equipment-Laser Scriber ‧ PV Equipment-Automation ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Etching solution ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Developer ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-CMP ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Sealer Material ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Conductive Adhesive ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Sapphire substrate ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Curing glue ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Au,AgPd,Cu,Pt, etc. ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Fluorescent powder ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Graphene powder ‧ Material/Chemicals /Technology-Ceramic heat sink aluminum substrate ‧ Smart detection-Defect Inspector ‧ Automation/Robot-Automatic control software ‧ Automation/Robot-Loader/Unloader ‧ Automation/Robot-Automatic storage system ‧ Automation/Robot-Automated computer aided software ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Automation Consulting and Services ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-AI System/Solution ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Networking and Cloud management system ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Smart energy-saving solutions ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Intelligent Agriculture and Fisheries Intelligent ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Smart home and home care system ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Smart Security Control System ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Display System and Battle room ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Industrial IT technology and software industrial c ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Smart Control Software Platform ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Automation System ‧ AI/Smart Manufacture-Production assembly and processing services ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Smart Factory buildings ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Factory Facilities System ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Facility Information Simulation (FIM) and Monitori ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Environmental safety (earthquake fire protection) ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Automatic storage and handling system ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Factory Monitoring system ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Clean Room Facility ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Energy Saving/Pollution Control ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Gas supply and exhaust gas treatment system ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Equipment Networking ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Pure water system engineering ‧ High-tech Factory Building/ Facilities-Precious Metals and Recycling System ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Probe Card ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Industrial Brush ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Industrial equipment processing and assembly servi