MACTECH CORPORATION established in 2000, it is close tothe Tanzi area, the birthplace of the Central Science and Technology Factory.
In the past 20 years, the company has been committed to becoming a professional high-techequipment service factory.
The equipment service field covers automation systems and equipment、C-STN、C-FILTER、LCM、TP、LED、OLED and Electronic redated products.
In recent years, we have been actively promoting the key components of deep-rooted equipment. USC Dry Clean System、Ionizer、UV Lamp and Porous Ceramic Vacuum
Module design and manufachuring. Continuous innovation business model to serve different industry needs.

Main products and services

1. G2 Spin Coater、G1 ~ G6 Slit Coater、G1 ~ G6 VCD
2. G1 ~ G6 Mask Clean
3. EC Cleaner、ED Dispensing M/C
4. Touch panel photo process equipment、OCA Full lamination system、OCR Full lamination system
5. Electronic redated products system
6. Automation equipment design and manufacturing

Equipment key components
1. USC Dry Clean System
2. Ionizer、Safety Light Curtains、Vibration Sensor、Data Collector System
3. UV Lamp、UV Module、UV Filter
4. Porous Ceramic Vacuum Module design and manufachuring

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    William Chang

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    No.89, Lane36, Sec 2, Tanshin Rd., Tantzu Dist., Taichung427, Taiwan, 427, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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    Kang Chun Fu

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    Semiconductor Equipment-UV Curing Equipment ‧ Packaging/Testing Equipment-UV Curing Equipment ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Pre-cleaning Machine ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Cleaning Machine ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Edging Machine ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Touch Panel Dispenser ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Laser Remark ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-Slit Coater ‧ Display/Opto Equipment-UV Curing Equipment ‧ LED/Micro LED-UV Curing Equipment ‧ PV Equipment-UV Curing Equipment ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-UV Lamp ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Ionizer ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-UV Curing Equipment ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Ultrasonic cleaning machine ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Dust removal system ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Suction cup (ceramic, Teflon) ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Coated ceramic platform ‧ Component/Materials/Processing/Services-Aluminum extrusion

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