【線上課程影片】Smart Factory for Industry 4.0: Key Elements of Digital Revolution
Why Smat Factory?


In response to the structural changes in global economic and trade activities affected by the COVID-19 epidemic , TEEIA present for the first time an online course on smart factories for companies in Taiwan and southbound countries.
Through five effective and valuable courses, companies can comprehensively combine machines with big data analytics to play a vital role in smart factories.

Here's the introduction of the five following courses:

Driving the values of data with smart manufacturing by NTT DATA TAIWAN CO., LTD
How data can help manufacturers implement digitized intelligent platforms that enable best-in-class manufacturing processes

Watch the full video now: https://youtu.be/xRFqcv3viwk

Intralogistics automation introduction by iAmech TECHNOLOGY INC.
Introducing the applied of automated Storage and Retrieval System, High Speed Sortation System and Automated Factory Implementation Guideline. Step by step to fulfill the automated factory and warehouses.

Watch the full video now: https://youtu.be/XemprG3F6Ss

How KENMEC's successful products and practical implementations cooperate with its clients to have mass production, saving manpower, stabilize quality and enhancing efficiency.

Watch the full video now:

Delta smart manufacturing solutions by DELTA ELECTRONICS, INC.
How DELTA leverage electronics manufacturing experience in the industrial automation field and helps to achieve maximized operational efficiency.

Watch the full video now:

Smart manufacturing Co-creation Ecosystem with Advantech iFactory Solutions by ADVANTECH CO., LTD
How ADVANTECH applied digital transformation for smart manufacturing.,As the world trying to use digital technology to respond to the new normal of the epidemic.

Watch the full video now:


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