【TEEIA Membership】- The Best Partner for Expanding your Business!


TEEIA- The Best Partner for Electronic  Equipment & Parts!

TEEIA membership provides brand exposure, business networking opportunities, access to information, and discounts such as exhibition booths、publications, seminars, etc.  Members gain access to programs,technology, communities, and other opportunities that will expand your business network.


I. Expand international markets and trade

1. Organize delegations of members to visit potential markets, conduct market surveys, engage in trading and technical exchanges.

2. Organize delegations of members to attend local and overseas electronics exhibitions, and expand local and overseas markets.

3. Network with foreign trade associations in related industries, host trade talks and technical cooperation exchanges.

4. Provide members with information on foreign buyers looking for machines and partners as well as the arranging of 1-to-1 buyer meetings.


II. Government Advice 

1. Compile member requirements and development direction to provide the government or related agencies with recommendations for future policy developments.

2. Keep members updated on the government's latest policies, legislation, discounts and incentives.

3. Provide members with research results and cooperation information from related academic and research units.

4. Provide members with important government policies and related incentives from key countries around the world.


III. Acquiring of Technology and Marketing Intelligence 

1. Consolidate resources in industrial technology development to avoid duplicated effort. The Association produces research reports on electronic equipment developments in Taiwan to help the government and research organizations formulate industry policy.

2. Provide members with consultation on electronics equipment, industry roadmap and technical development.

3. Send important news on global electronics and opto-electronics to members every day to stay on top of the latest developments in the global technology industry.

4. The monthly report on the technology industry is sent every month to provide information such as important news from the local and domestic industries, as well as the latest technology and industry trends.


IV. Exchange and Networking Events 

1. Convene professional committees involving all members to understand member needs and requirements, and provide a platform for networking.

2. Host different industry forums to create exchange and networking opportunities for members, government units, academic units and companies.

3. Establish golf friendship associations and host a golf meeting every month with customers or vendors from related industries invited to join in the networking.

4. Organize exchanges for new technologies and friendship activities in order to help businesses improve their technical capabilities and promote cooperation.


V. Professional Forums and Symposiums 

1. Organize industry symposiums on new processes, technologies or market trends for electronics. 

2. Provide customized course design and planning as well as help businesses organize their internal training services. 

3. Host Japanese expert forums and invite technical experts from related Japanese industries to come to Taiwan and speak about the latest technical developments.

4. Help members organize launching ceremonies for new products and technologies while also inviting potential customers to attend.


VI. Publications and Web Services 

1. The Taiwanese electronics equipment buyer’s guide and member’s index provides members with free posting of company and product information. This helps vendors expand their business opportunities.

2. Members' discount on full-color advertising in the member’s index.

3. Help with marketing at well-known local and foreign exhibitions/symposiums as well as send the buy’s guide out to upstream and downstream vendors in the supply chain, boosting members' media exposure.

4. Provide members with website exposure, and their products appear first in product category search.

5.Publish the latest technologies and industry developments in Taiwan, guide national industry development and expand international horizons.

6. Members receive exhibitor discounts as well as assistance with business matching and expansion.

Membership Fees:





NTD$200 Million or more

less than NTD$200 Million

registration fee



Monthly fee



Member Representative

2 Representatives1 Representative



 Submit a membership application then agree to a one-time registration fee of NT$5,000 along with annual dues of NT$15,000 (if company capitalization is less than $200 Million), or annual dues of NT$30,000 (if company capitalization is $200 Million or more). These are to be paid in full and representatives sent to attend association events.Note: To encourage members to take part in industry symposiums organized by the association, members are not only eligible for special discounts but also a full-value course voucher worth $10,000 (if capitalization is less than $200 Million) or $20,000 (if capitalization is $200 Million or more). For new members, the value of the voucher is adjusted according to the sign-up month. 


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