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Touch Taiwan 2016

The grand gathering of touch panel optical film industries in Taiwan – Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), is composed of TTLA, TDMDA and TEEIA, representing Taiwan’s flat panel display, materials and components industry. The foundation of Taiwan’s flat panel display industry seeks to assist manufacturers expand business opportunities in the touch panel and optical film industry. The purpose is not only to integrate the display industry chain in Taiwan but to also serve as a platform that proactively helps manufacturers expand their business. Since the touch panel and optical film industry will inject new elements into the display industry in the future, they will generate increasing demand for production technology, materials and equipment. In addition, developments will also be stimulated in the precision machinery, machine tool, coating and film roll industries. The touch panel and optical film exhibition is not only a showcase platform but also a platform to interact with your clients and exchange technologies; it is also an industry upgrade platform and a gathering that you cannot afford to miss.

Exhibit Info:

Date:August26(Wed) - 28(Fri)  10:00am ~17:30pm   
Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall (No.1, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District)
Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA)
Taiwan TFT LCD Association (TTLA)
Taiwan Flat Panel Display Materials and Devices Association (TDMDA)
Taiwan Electronic Equipment Industry Association (TEEIA)
Chan Chao Int'l Co., Ltd.

Co-Organizer:Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government.
Sponsor:Bureau of Foreign Trade

Movie in:August 24-25 (Mon-Tue) 7:00am ~ 17:00pm

Movie out:August 28 (Fri) after 17:30pm

Exhibit Profile:

Touch Screen
Touch Panel/ModuleCapacitive Touch Panel/Module | Resistive Touch Panel/Module | Multi-touch Panel/Module | Infrared Touch Panel/Module | SAW Touch Panel/Module | Optical Touch Panel/Module | In-cell Touch Panel/Module | One Glass System Touch Panel/Module | Man-machine interface Screen
Touch Panel Manufacture/Measure Equipment & PartsPrinting Equipment | Coating Equipment | Vacuum Equipment | Etching Equipment | Screen | Oven/Heat | Laminating/Assembling Equipment | Exposure Equipment | Polish Equipment | Cleaning Equipment | Scribe Machine | Dispenser Equipment | Antistatic equipment | Measuring Instrument | Clean Room Equipment | Testing Equipment | Repair Equipment | Others
Touch Panel Materials and componentsITO Glass | ITO film | Glass Substrate| Flexible touch | Electrode Material | Ink Material | Silver Paste | Tape, Adhesive Material | Target | PET Protect Film | OCA optical Paste | Optical Film | Touch Panel Controller | FPC Board | Flexible PWB | Sensor, IC | Others
Touch Panel Application/SoftwareTouch Panel Query Software | Touch panel browser | Touch panel ordering machine and software | KTV karaoke machines and software | Attendance touch systems | Touch panel solutions | Touch panel certification | Multimedia touch query system
Optical Film
Optical FilmITO Film | conducting film | polarizer film | TAC Film | PVC Film | PET Film | 3D Film
Protective filmPE | PVC | PET | BOPP | LDPE Protective film | LCD Protective film | Optical Protective film | Insulation Film | Thermal Film
Manufacturing Equipment and InstrumentsAdhesive tapes and optical films manufacture process relevant equipments | Coater | Drying Machine | Slitting Machine | Rolling Machine | Roll to Roll Machine | Cutting Machine | Packing Machine | Lamination Machine | Rewinding Machine | Printing Machine | Analysis / Measuring / Testing instrument | Control system
LCD Panel (Module) / OLED Panel (Module) / Next Generation Display (Module)
Display,Panel, Module, Flexible Display ,Materials, Equipment, Application ProductionLCD Panel | PDP Panel | E-paper | 3D Display | Flexible Display | Transparent Display | Multi-Panel Display | Micro Display | Laser Display, Pico-Projector | Software for Display | Other Display/Panel
OLED Panel/Module, Materials, Equipment, Application ProductionOLED Panel/Module | OLED Materials | Dam & Fill Materials | PI Substrate | Barrier Film | Circular Polarizer | Driver IC | Thermal Pad | Metal Mask/Tension Machine | Glove box | Dispenser | Vacuum Assembly | UV Cure | Laser Sealing Machine | Thin Film Encapsulation Equipment | O2 Plasma | Oven for IGZO | Vacuum Evaporation System | Doping Equipment | Sealing-process-related Equipment
Flexible Electronics
ComponentOrganic Thin Film Transistors| IC | Active Components | Microphone Speaker | Passive Components | RFID
Sensing SensorSensing Systems | Intelligent Systems | Human-Computer Interaction/Interface
Display ApplicationE-book | Flexible Display | Electronic Bulletin
Energy ApplicationPhotovoltaic / Module | Light Source / Lighting |  Battery
MaterialSubstrate | Row Material | Components |Luminescent Materials | Assembling Materials
Coating Of Process EquipmentCoating / Sputtering / Inkjet / Printing Process Equipment | Roll To Roll Equipment

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