Unicom System Engineer Corp.

Unicom, founded in 1989 in Taiwan, is a leading software provider in the Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) field. It provides Industry 4.0 core applications including Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Equipment Automation Programs (EAP) and automation integration services integrating MES and equipment. By accumulating nearly thirty years of technology development and experience, Unicom has become a comprehensive provider of factory management and automation software solutions and has served a wide variety of high-tech and traditional manufacturing industries.
In the hi-tech electronic industries, Unicom's solutions have been adopted by world class manufacturers such Innolux, AUO, CPT, CSOT, BOE, Nanya PCB, Himax, etc. In the past 20 years, Unicom has integrated about 20,000 machines, from a wide variety of processing / testing equipment to automatic material handing systems, made by over 200 equipment makers from Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, Korea and USA.

Business & Services

1. UniWorks™ MES Suite
- Manufacturing Execution System
- Statistical Process Control System
- Equipment Maintenance System
- Warehouse Management System
2. UniAuto™ FA Suite
- Block Control System / CIM PC System
- Material Control System

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    Unicom System Engineer Corp.

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    Semiconductor-FAB Automation Software,Semiconductor-Equipment Automation Software,Semiconductor-Equipment Automation Hardware,Semiconductor-BC,Semiconductor-EAP,Semiconductor-MES,Semiconductor-AMHS,Semiconductor-BC/EAP/MES,Display-Cassette Station/Stocker,Display-RGV System,Display-AGV/RGV System,Solar-Automation/MES,Other-,-,-,-,-

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    Ping Cheng

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    2F, No.39, Wugong 6th Rd., New Taipei Industrial Park, New Taipei City 24891, Taiwan Search Google Maps

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    Gary Chou

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